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Are you a fiduciary?

Yes.  Being a fiduciary means always putting the client's interests first.  The best way to ensure this is by having transparent fees.

How would you describe your typical client?

HWM clients are typically either approaching retirement or already retired, have been diligent savers, and are concerned about outliving their assets and/or overpaying taxes as they prepare to make withdrawals.  Most clients have between $1 million and $5 million, but we do not have a minimum.

HWM also serves clients who expect to be working and saving for many more years, but have accumulated some employer stock (ISO, RSU, ESPP)

What is your investment philosophy?

Any money that is expected to be withdrawn in the upcoming 8-10 years should be invested in low-risk, fixed income investments such as CDs, US Treasury Notes, and short-term bond ETFs, to provide protection from stock market risk.

Most other investments should be invested in low cost, globally diversified, stock market ETFs to provide protection against inflation.

Where are my assets custodied?

HWM uses Schwab as their custodian, i.e. to track account activity, handle transfers, and issue monthly statements, among other things.  HWM acts as the advisor: making investments, rebalancing accounts, initiating transfers between Schwab and your bank, etc.

Will I get statements and investment performance reports?

Yes.  Schwab will create account statements every month as well as continuous access online.  Performance reporting is done quarterly and on-demand.

What is Tax Planning?

The goal of tax planning in to minimize taxes over your lifetime utilizing various strategies such as Roth conversions, Mega-backdoor Roth contributions, capital gain harvesting, capital loss harvesting, gifting of appreciated stock, and qualified charitable distributions from pre-tax accounts (401ks, IRAs, SEPs)

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